Padma Bhushan Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam represents the quintessence of Sage Bharata’s art and Bhārata, the country that gave birth to the peerless seer of the Nāṭya-veda. Padma’s erudition in various streams of Indic knowledge, mastery over many classical arts, deep understanding of the nuances of Indian culture, creative genius, and sublime vision bolstered by the vedāntic and nationalistic spirit, have helped her create masterpieces. An artist nonpareil, her dance creations excel in form and content, with innumerable layers of suggestion.
Śatāvadhānī Dr. R Ganesh and Arjun Bharadwaj, both multifaceted
scholars with a strong foundation in the Nāṭya-śāstra and Indian aesthetics, capture the multiple dimensions of her full-fledged productions and short-length presentations. Their creative appreciation of Padma’s works not only bring out the subtleties in her dance but also highlights the aspects of literature, music, costume, sculptures, and philosophy. The authors share anecdotes from Padma’s life that give a glimpse of her brilliant mind.
The present work can inspire artists, especially dancers, in honing their skills and taking their art to greater heights. It will help connoisseurs deepen their understanding of Padma’s dance in particular and classical art in general.
Padma, an epitome of classicality, can be hailed as Bharatavibhūti
– an exalted manifestation of Sage Bharata and her art is Nayana-Savana – a visual yāga.