Prekṣaṇīyam is an anthology of essays on Indian classical dance and theatre authored by multifaceted scholar and creative genius, Śatāvadhāni Dr. R Ganesh. As a master of śāstra, a performing artiste (of the ancient art of Avadhānam), and a cultured rasika, he brings a unique, holistic perspective to every discussion. These essays deal with the philosophy, history, aesthetics, and practice of dance and theatre art in India. Dr. Ganesh offers invaluable insights into every aspect of the art, supported by incisive reasoning, deep study, and vast experience. These writings are the product of decades of study and research, coupled with long-drawn interactions with the brightest minds of art. A scholarly exposition on the concept and value of Nṛtta, Nṛtya, and Nāṭya comes as a part of the work.

An exclusive collection of articles on Yakṣagāna, the grand theatrical art of Karnataka is a part of this book. The highlight of this segment being a novel kind of presentation called the ‘Ekavyakti-Yakṣagāna’ conceived by the author. This anthology also includes research articles and suggestions for future research. A few essays are in the form of responses to irresponsible statements made by people who have a shallow understanding of Indian aesthetics.
The English adaptation of these essays—along with additional notes and supplementary material—have been admirably handled by the young scholar, literature buff, and dance aficionado, Arjun Bharadwaj.