The Essential Sanātana-dharma

An Introduction to Hinduism based on Primary Sources

Authors: Śatāvadhānī Dr. R Ganesh, Hari Ravikumar

What is the philosophical basis for Sanātana-dharma, the ancient Indian way of life? What makes it the most inclusive and natural of all religio-philosophical systems in the world?

The Essential Sanātana-dharma serves as a handbook for anyone who wishes to grasp the fundamentals of Hinduism – be it a devotee, a philosophy enthusiast, a college student, a working professional, or even a sceptic. This non-sectarian presentation offers the ultimate perspective that will help understand the core of Sanātana-dharma.

The book includes an overview of Hindu foundational texts, a glossary of technical terms, and curated reading lists for further study—with additional notes and references.