Studies in Ancient Tamil Law and Society

This anthology is a revised edition of the author's 1978 classic. This series of essays, containing his original research in various fields, throws light on the socio-cultural landscape of Tamil Nadu spanning several centuries. These compelling episodes will appeal to scholars and laymen alike.
“When superstitious mediaevalists mislead the country about its judicial past, we have to search for truth in stone and honesty in metal, and not in man and his lips. Dr. R. Nagaswamy unearthing the law in practice has patriotic relevance.” — Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer
“...this book, profiting from the linguistic, historical, and epigraphical skill of its author, broadens our horizon...and adds to that much food for reflexion on the part of those who...yearn for a genuine Indian jurisprudence.” — Prof. J. Duncan M. Derrett