Among the many contributions of ancient Indians to world thought, perhaps the most insightful is the realisation that ānanda (Bliss) is the ultimate goal of human existence. Since time immemorial, India has been a land steeped in contemplation about the nature of humans and the universe. The great ṛṣis (seers) and ṛṣikās (seeresses) embarked on critical analysis of subjective experience and plumbed the depths of human emotions. The concept of Jīvanmukti—liberation while being alive—as a means of sustaining ānanda truly represents the pinnacle of philosophical thought in India.

This little book captures the essence of Śatāvadhānī Dr. R Ganesh’s hugely popular lecture series, ‘Indian Values for a Happy Life,’ in which he simplifies profound ideas, making them accessible and actionable in our everyday lives. Through five straightforward sūtras (formulae) the readers will traverse the tricky path to lasting Bliss. This English adaptation, undertaken by two gifted comedians/playwrights, is intended to be an easy introduction into the secrets for a happier life.