My Maternal Grandmother

My maternal grandmother Sakamma lived a long and healthy life. Cooking was an integral part of her daily routine. She was also responsible for the safekeeping and storage of the groceries. And she also had to keep the kitchen and the hall neat and tidy. She never took a day off. Like how my chikka tata (grandfather's younger brother) Ramanna took up the responsibility of managing the finances without running away from it, every single day, my grandmother held the responsibility of the household duties with the same alertness.

Impromptu Poetry and Singing

Around the year 1909-10; one day I was sitting in the Printing press of Navaratna and Sons. It was about 9 AM. Two customers arrived, and they consulted the cost of printing a thousand copies of a four-page article. The owner informed it would be three rupees including the cost of paper. Customers agreed. “These need to be delivered at 10 AM” they said. “I will give you by noon”, said the Owner.

There were two songs in that article. I am presenting here as I remember: