T S Venkannayya (Part 3)

Joint Endeavours

I have mentioned earlier about my first meeting with T S Venkannayya and A R Krishna Shastri. That was in 1915–16, just after the establishment of the Pariṣat. Even so, my friendship with Venkannayya became deeper only a few years later. He shifted his house to Shankarapuram sometime in 1920–21 perhaps. We would meet at least once a day. On so many occasions, we would spend half the day together.

Paṅktipāvana Venkatakrishnaiah - Part 3

Magnanimity of Seshadri Iyer

But Seshadri Iyer was a great person. He wouldn’t bring the political animosity to the personal relations. He had accepted the greatness of Venkatakrishnaiah wholeheartedly. Two or three of Seshadri Iyer’s children were dedicated students of Venkatakrishnaiah. While Krishna Iyer was the deputy commissioner, the recommendations of Venkatakrishnaiah were honored.

Paṅktipāvana Venkatakrishnaiah - Part 2

In 1902 my sister got widowed. Then she was about 10 years old. This matter somehow reached Sri Venkatakrishnaiah and he wrote to me and conveyed his condolences.

“Please bring that child to my place. I will take care of her at my house; I will arrange for her education. She should not be discouraged. She should be in a lively environment. You get her here in person”. But my parents were traditionalists. They adhered to old customs. Sri Venkatakrishnaiah’s suggestion was not accepted, but this shows the magnanimity of Sri Venkatakrishnaiah.

Mahāmahopādhyāya Vidvān N. Ranganatha - Beauty in his Writing and Attitude of Submission

Sense of Humour

Most of the time, Ranganatha Sharma’s mind was engaged in unknotting tough problems posed by the śāstras. But a sense of humour is something that came naturally to him. Whenever the occasion arose, he would laugh and make others around him laugh. I recollect a couple of such instances.