Impromptu Poetry and Singing

Around the year 1909-10; one day I was sitting in the Printing press of Navaratna and Sons. It was about 9 AM. Two customers arrived, and they consulted the cost of printing a thousand copies of a four-page article. The owner informed it would be three rupees including the cost of paper. Customers agreed. “These need to be delivered at 10 AM” they said. “I will give you by noon”, said the Owner.

There were two songs in that article. I am presenting here as I remember:

My Ātma-guru: N Narasimha Murthy (Part 7)

Moral Values

In those days, four or five of us met up every evening at the Century club in Sheshadri memorial club. We chatted, had discussions, and had light refreshments -- this was our routine. One evening three or four friends joined us. That evening, at 6:30 PM there was a discourse arranged at the YMCA assembly hall. The discourse was given by a famous European woman from Madras. We planned to reach the assembly hall in time for the lecture from the club. After refreshments a couple of friends decided to part ways. Murthy asked them: