The starting salary for teachers in the education department was three rupees. This was during the time of Garret, Leonard, Rice, and other British officers. As this continued for ten to fifteen years a promotion to four rupees was given; and persons who labored for more than twenty years received five rupees. There was a constant recommendation from the officers of the department that this was insufficient and had to be increased. The government used to respond as insufficient funds.

“Lincoln who was the elected leader of America (1870) suffered because of the harsh words his wife spoke every minute, each day – it was as good as him dying. Her words churned his insides, but yet, he held on to his life. Lincoln’s wife troubled him just as one would torture one’s enemy. He tolerated it all, without speaking a word. Yet, we can say that she was a bit kinder than Tolstoy’s wife, who mercilessly humiliated her husband publicly – and quite often did so.

The Necessity of History

What’s the meaning of this? It is just that history will never leave us. What we do, what we don’t do, what we experience, what we avoid experiencing – all these form a part of history. In what we do and experience, if we tread with wisdom, we can avoid mishaps and fulfil our desires at least to some extent. If we want to gain such wisdom, the only path before us is the deep study of history.

Ramadasappa was my second teacher who taught me the English language. He was the first person to graduate with a BA degree from Mulbagal. I recall him coming there as the sub-registrar back in 1907. A sad incident occurred after 15-20 days of him assuming charge.  Ramadasappa was originally from Mysore. In those days, Mulbagal was a far-off place from Mysore. Hence, to help him get settled, his father Sanjeevayya and his family members accompanied him to Mulbagal.

It has been seventy years since I bade farewell to my schooling (1902). I've now analyzed my life through these seventy years and I have learned two lessons from it:

1) The planning of the lessons and the methods using which students were taught were good back in the past; there were no faults back then.

2) To get the most out of studying a topic, the manner in which the student understands must have consistency and should be devoid of loopholes.

 I believe that the above points are important to be understood in today’s context.

For people who have read ancient works like Mahābhārata it is quite evident that this book is all about worldly affairs; The independence, carefree attitude, villainy, wickedness, gambling, adultery, heroism etc. Since it happens in life so it is in literature, but the problem here is the problem of the Koṇas. Koṇa not only refers to the dirty, slow moving, quadrupedal animal specialty (i.e. Male buffalo); it also refers to a dim-witted, coarse mannered biped too.