GIPA Study Circle: Booklist

[The legendary polymath D V Gundappa was not just a great littérateur, art critic, and connoisseur but an enthusiastic social worker and uplifter of the masses. Starting from 1949 until his death in 1975, DVG regularly conducted a 'study circle' every Sunday at the Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs, Bangalore.

Drama Companies of Bellary (Part 2)

Kumbāra Guṇḍayya (Guṇḍayya, the Potter)

In one of the plays – probably ‘Vijayanagara Patana’ – one of the characters is a potter. That day Raghavacharya beckoned me and told me to sit in the first row, just next to stage. I declined. He insisted I sit there compulsorily. “If you don’t sit there, I will have to call out your name loudly and make you come there. It will be an unnecessary fuss.” Thus he cajoled me. I sat there as per his instruction.

Devotion to Education

The starting salary for teachers in the education department was three rupees. This was during the time of Garret, Leonard, Rice, and other British officers. As this continued for ten to fifteen years a promotion to four rupees was given; and persons who labored for more than twenty years received five rupees. There was a constant recommendation from the officers of the department that this was insufficient and had to be increased. The government used to respond as insufficient funds.

The Genres of History and Biography (Part 2)

The Necessity of History

What’s the meaning of this? It is just that history will never leave us. What we do, what we don’t do, what we experience, what we avoid experiencing – all these form a part of history. In what we do and experience, if we tread with wisdom, we can avoid mishaps and fulfil our desires at least to some extent. If we want to gain such wisdom, the only path before us is the deep study of history.