मङ्गलश्लोकः - Invocation

अर्थचतुष्टयशिक्षा ।
साक्षात्कृत-यज्ञ-दान-तपसां दीक्षा ॥
वाग्वृत्तित्रयरक्षा ।
प्रेक्षाऽसौ जयति भारतीपदलाक्षा ॥

Victorious indeed is prekshaa
the clear intellect that has been
constantly educating everyone
about the purusharthas.
Prekshaa is synonymous with
the initiation into
yajna, dana, and tapas.
Being the protector of
the three modes of expression,
prekshaa is indeed the red lacquer
on the feet of Bharati,
the deity of wisdom.