Kathāmukhalambaka - 10 - Vatsarāja captured

Udayana started reigning over the kingdom which he inherited from his father on a prosperous note. However, he gradually handed it over to Yaugandharāyaṇa and the other ministers and became preoccupied with hunting and playing the vīṇā. The vīṇā playing used to take place every day, all day. Also, with the enthralling power of the vīṇā, he used to ensnare rut elephants. He did have this constant refrain though: ‘I don’t see anywhere a bride who is best suited for me, both in terms of lineage and appearance. I hear that there is Vāsavadattā.

Kathāmukhalambaka - 9 - The story of Śrīdatta, cont.

Śrīdatta went in search of water for her. As he looked for a source of water, it got dark. While he found water roaming around the forest, he had lost his way. The next morning, anxious to see his beloved, he arrived at the spot where the dead horse lay. He however, did not find Mṛṅgākavatī or his friends at the spot. Therefore, distracted, he placed his sword down and he climbed up a tree looking around when the leader of a Śabara clan came to the spot and took away the sword Mṛgāṅka which was placed at the foot of the tree.

Caturvidhābhinaya in the Kumārasambhava - Part 10 - Manmatha observes Śiva

continued from the previous part...

Though Manmatha avoided Śiva ’s glance, he has placed himself in a convenient position, such that Śiva was visible to him. He observes Śiva, whose costumes (āhārya), bodily features (āṅgika) and mental frame-work (sāttvika) are absolutely orthogonal to his own. [The next set of verses have been beautiful treated by Shatavadhani Dr. R Ganesh ins his talks and his article on the cinematography in Kumārasambhava].

Kathāmukhalambaka - 7 - The birth of Udayana

गौरीनवपरिष्वङ्गे विभोः स्वेदाम्बु पातु वः |
नेत्राग्निभीत्या कामेन वारुणास्त्रमिवाहितं ||

May the sweat beads adorning Shiva, brought about by his embrace of Gauri, protect you. It seems as though Kāma, fearful of Shiva’s fiery third eye, released Varuna-astra!

Caturvidhābhinaya in the Kumārasambhava - Part 9 - The Environment Freezes

The next verse in the third sarga of the Kumārasambhavam is yet another instance where the poet takes the opportunity to personify nature and superimpose elements of abhinaya on it. 

पर्याप्तपुष्पस्तबकस्तनाभ्यः स्फुरत्प्रवालोष्ठमनोहराभ्यः ।

लतावधूभ्यस्तरवोऽप्यवापुर्विनम्रशाखाभुजबन्धनानि ॥ 3.39