Author:D V Gundappa

This is a summary of the speech that I delivered on Sunday, 29th April 1953 on the occasion of unveiling a portrait of Prof. Bellave Venkatanaranappa, one of the founding members of the Basavanagudi Union and Service Club.

Buried beneath and interspersed among the numerous layers of terse and detailed philosophical expositions are the thousands of amazing stories in the Upanishads. It is indeed a tragedy of our modern education system—that treats the human as no better than a component of economic production—that these stories have completely vanished from our school syllabi, supplanted instead by mindless Christian moral education.

यद्वक्रेण पथा प्रयासि सततं यद्वासि विद्वन्मन-
श्चौरी यच्च करोषि पूर्वसुकविप्रौढिप्रथोत्पुंसनम् ।
तस्माद्भारति सद्भिरत्रभवती तीक्ष्णेति संभाविता
तूर्णं पार्श्वममुष्य पार्थिवमणेरभ्येहि शुद्ध्यर्थिनी ॥


A short documentary on K. Shivarama Karanth, a consummate polymath who brought laurels to Kannada literature. He received the prestigious Jnanapeeth award for his novel 'Mookajjiya Kanasugalu'.

बिंदुद्वन्द्वतरङ्गिताग्रसरणिः कर्ता शिरोर्बिन्दुकं
कर्मेति क्रमशिक्षितान्वयकला ये केऽपि तेभ्योऽञ्जलिः ।
ये तु ग्रन्थसहस्रशाणकषणत्रुट्यत्कलङ्कैर्गिरां
उल्लासैः कवयन्ति बिल्हणकविस्तेष्वेव संनह्यति

We have long had a fascination for the final answer, the Holy Grail, the Grand Unified Theory, the ultimate solution, and the quintessential element. Douglas Adams mocks this tendency in his masterpiece Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1979) by assigning a random number – 42 – to represent the answer to the meaning of life and everything else.

The Karnataka Sahitya Parishat was originally founded by four people: 1. H V Nanjundaiah, 2. Karpura Srinivasa Rao, 3. Dr. Achyuta Rao, and 4. R. Raghunath Rao

A rare footage of Ramana Maharshi, a jeevan-mukta. Ramana was an exemplary sage who realized the ultimate truth through self-enquiry.