The Barbarism of Islamic Kings and the Unparalleled Suffering of Hindus Under Muslim Rule

After the death of Aurangzeb, the Mughal empire was scattered and confused. In fact, this had already started during Aurangzeb's lifetime itself. As a result of the barbaric behaviour of Muslims and forcible conversions to Islam, millions of Sanatana Dharmis were attacked and tormented; every single Hindu had in his heart, a deep-seated hatred for Islam and the spirit of revenge had risen.

Chhatrapati Shivaji: The Lion from Maharashtra Shakes Aurangzeb

Although Shivaji was born in a Shudra family, his love and respect for Sanatanadharma was immense. In his letters to Aurangzeb, he uses his honorific titles that translate into "a protector of cows and brahmanas." He put together a number of youngsters from the Maval region and created a strong army. Not only that, just like Prahlada, he took on his own father in battle.

The Awareness of Kshaatra at all levels

It is because the fundamental root of Hinduism is Adhyatma (spirituality, self knowledge, study and evolution of oneself) that we have been elaborating all this while on the awareness of kshaatra in the tradition of Sanatanadharma. In his work Indian Muslims: Who are they?, K S Lal discusses at length who the Indian Muslims are and what their origins are. On this subject, the earliest evidence we get is from Alberuni, a traveller who came to India during the time of Mahmud of Ghazni. He has left behind several records.

The Birth of the Khalsa Panth

Deeply pained at the persecution and suffering of his children and followers, Gobind Singh decided to form a separate sect in order to fight the Mughals. This was how the Khalsa Panth was born: to protect the Hindu people who were following their tradition peacefully. In Gobind Singh’s own words:

Chidiyon se mein baaz banaaoon |
Savva laakh se ek ladhaaoon ||

I will make hawks out of sparrows |
I will fight lakhs of soldiers alone ||

The Valour of Guru Tegh Bahadur

Aurangzeb attacked Kashmir and attempted to kill all the Kashmiri Pandits. Struck by the fear of death, they requested the king of Kashmir to surrender the kingdom itself. In this manner, without the slightest resistance, Kashmir surrendered to Islam. Since the Kashmiri Pandits stepped back from sacrifice and martyrdom, the entire land fell to Islam. The society doesn’t pay heed to people who are not willing to sacrifice themselves. If we are unable to make sacrifices then we must accept our ordinariness. The Pandits who did not make sacrifices then are struggling to this day.

The Last Days of Maharana Pratap

Some historians have expressed a doubt that Maharana Pratap Simha wrote a letter of surrender in his last days. However, this has not been established conclusively. All his life, he lived, fought and died for the sole cause of wresting Chittorgarh back. His son Rana Amar Simha also continued his father’s fight.

Maharana Pratap’s valour was boundless. His name blazes brightly in the annals of warriors.